19 April 2011

Not Frustrated

‘Tiny’ frustrations consume so
little character-sapping energy
as to seem, ordinarily,
risk-free – not raising ripples,

but patterns in how those
things happen cry foul;
something’s going
on which isn’t normal

Normality appeals with an
honest face until held to scrutiny –
and then it’s too ordinary for
things to only happen that way;

excused, maybe, as the
best guess concludes
a distinct possibility we
really don’t want to know

Tho’ behaviour oddities
make life exciting don’t you think,
because we’re already ignoring
what is unrelentingly the
same old boring routine

and thus these claims that
prayers for spice to jazz
things up a bit means
we’re not frustrated...
© 14 January 2011, I. D. Carswell