07 April 2011

Staff Volunteers

strange as it seems debating affectations won’t
engender change, all ways they appear truly
they are, seen gazing unfathomable distances
with dislocate eyes vacuously evading meeting
yours even vaguely

an empty stare, “Are you in there,” you want to
ask – but daren’t in case the occupant isn’t even
dimly human, and no signs to take seriously of
sentience evident, it’s easier saying – “Here, just
collect my $20 fee and leave me alone”

you’re freed an awkward judgemental conscience
and they go away requited, absolved, legitimated
such that locked market gates merely incarcerate
– who cares if rain persists, keeps customers away
and you from leaving early

you’re locked in for their self justification – or as long
as it takes for an uncommon gestation of common-
sense, even their dull-witted reticence aired brazenly
via a public loudspeaker system fails as a placatory
argument in self-defence
© 10 January 2011, I. D. Carswell