05 April 2011


So today’s tempo remains upbeat, an
effect of wakening blessed you’d say,
stolen moments at edge of sleep
before raw awareness pervades

Before unrestrained heat holds sway
in token wafts of glazed humidity
before credibility melts and runs away
seeking cool-breeze sanctuary

The panting dining room fan stirs only
shades of yesterday sadly – that kind
of day in making, feebly expressed in
asthmatic airlessness

Relief imagined in cool-change dreams
overcomes unbearable ennui, raises
the beat gladly, shares some release
to breathe in unrestrained space

And the scene reels and bleeds into
a framed mirage of sultriness – a
limp moment of tranquillity, magic
asylum of a midday sleep
© 3 January 2011, I. D. Carswell