04 April 2011

Favours Granted

flip flop

amazing things achieved on the last day
of the decade – amongst other things a
shirtless hillside pee wearing thongs and
blue skunk pyjama shorts watching kids
circuit riding 50cc mini-bikes at a New
Year’s eve celebration; it replays a laid-
back way I’ve ended the last ten years 

able to stand upright on a damp hillside
easily in sun we haven’t seen for nearly
four weeks, rejoicing in sheer novelty of
knowing at last there will be more of it
tomorrow, caring it is thus in the same
happy-go-lucky way we’ve enjoyed all
the happenings of the past six decades 

downhill through swampy places already
encountered on the way aware of stains
inevitably flicked from thongs, lax in not
caring a whit Рgreeting a complete blas̩
unsuitability, revelling in it on this day of
favours granted and chances taken glad
in the receipt of which we’re not amiss
© 31 December 2010, I. D. Carswell