26 May 2011

Contingent Vengeance


Let’s call it square;
can’t say who you are or
how you got even – a mystery
conspired as an enigmatic
sting-like swelling on the
back of my neck asserting 
insect or allergy, there’s
a point proven here

ordinary biters laid no
claim - as if it were already
deemed an uneven challenge,
yet by my reckoning
an epidemic of disturbed
cane toads fell short
twenty-something to none –
effectively no contest,

but I’m already twenty rows
into the Orchard and there’s
still time if you want to declare;
I can bring in artillery, use
pre-emptive air strikes
on a whim (or a prayer)
and nuke you silly with
chemical disincentives

so think about it, the rows
WILL be mowed – period;
regarding those ‘live and let be’
precepts we agreed last year,
you’re in breach where you’re
supposed to show your hand
fairly or wear an excess of
contingent vengeance
© 18 March 2011, I. D. Carswell