28 May 2011

What I Was Looking For


Until you knew you’d have no faith
no painless penance based on fine
filigreed spiders’ webs interlacing
randomly capturing knick knacks
elaborate paraphernalia stacked
on featureless window ledges –
you’d only see what’s there

Wasn’t worth the looking; mundane
seen instantly, expressions less the
passions nodding wisely, erudite too
easy compromised gestures of dignity
a waste of Merlot with those hints of
plum and voluptuous black currant
savours; damn, that’s getting near

So here I am, quaffing coffee cake
out of the freezer – you’ll quail, say
why on earth lose your way with an
epicure’s intangible erudition? It was
bread made wisely when my friends
cared less for crust but waged their
sagacity on the use of cinnamon
© 20 March 2011, I. D. Carswell