29 May 2011

NLP Shenanigans


They’re having a quid both ways, none
of their elected runners can show any
real pace on a greasy track so they’re
giving Campbell Newman a go!

Ok, they’ve run out of ideas, nothing
new in that, been like it for years –
but what a clever notion! Campbell
will think that he’s been promoted! 

And fair enough, Brisbane’s Mayor is
elevated by a clique of faceless men to
become the next trough-tending but
unelected Leader of The Opposition

Yet to win a seat in Parliament but a
mere detail attended to next election,
by pre-selection, tendentious no doubt,
as a safe ward’s comatose stand-in

It all goes with the show – as in love,
war and politics, a naive saving grace
is proffered placating estranged views
of who’s the more damned gullible
© 28 March 2011, I. D. Carswell