27 July 2011

Grand Saving


Claiming Grand Saving lands this
test of patience in jeopardy – who
sees the difference? She of course
knew best, what rankled was an
obdurate opinion on how Wireless
networks really operate

Weather is clear again, brightness
exists where error msgs claimed
the Internet USED to be – having
read her email and sniffing a mite
miffed suggests, admit it, you’re
lucky but clueless, save yourself
a whole lot of angst

His dim, near-died eyes, ‘tho still
plagued with doubt on which wisp
of ambiguous moonshine techno-
blah may have caused it initially
show vague relief

Admits speciously, must’ve been a
pernickety key set to make things
safe – came back and bit my ass
twice as bad; yet think on it – if I’d
asked a Tech to be a $150 saviour
he’d still be laughing...
© 15 April 2011, I. D. Carswell