26 July 2011

Pleasures Of Pursuit


The effort wasn’t wasted – most things
were only half complete but even that
revealed a host of decent opportunity;

it was as near as gets to intoxication in
an atmosphere of a main thoroughfare,
one that draws willingly – such that

being rapt in an artlessly graphic buzz
of busyness eases hyper-distress about
a venture’s success or even failure

and random acts assuage precociously
attaining grades – there is no fear of
referees’ mendacity to countermand

so the office desk drawer is cleared of
junk which rests on couch and floor, at
least it is much easier to see, and

chest deep freezer breathes relief now
racks are cleared – ‘tho bags of thawing
meat recline expectantly in kitchen sink

there’ll be grand evening celebrations in
the canine camp when this largess has
come to make its merry pass – and thus

the floor is tidy swept and subtle scent of
freshly baking bread woos firmament with
debonair enticement scarce concealed

No, never wasted if one’s bent to measure
progress less by solid proof of finishing
events than eager pleasures of pursuit
© 9 April 2011, I. D. Carswell