26 September 2011

Ab Bott’s Claim


Opportunism in a devious, unscrupulous
or unprincipled way seems raison d’être
to Ab Bott’s trenchant amorality; seeks
power of the sceptre by any feint foul or
fair and reeks of duplicity stained with a
well-aware taint of treachery we’ll never
explain – so misanthropy freed restraint
learns amazing new airs to equivocate

shafted twice by the same miscreant is
quaint no-claim to peerage’s notoriety,
stinks cling with insistence, there is no
sanctuary in a bared-fang smirk baring
forbearance pugnaciously between two
cauliflower ears, a glint-eyed squint
© 26 September 2011, I. D. Carswell