05 September 2011

Profitable Trade

Mkt Stall

Made it through another market
Sunday in ‘the den of iniquity’ –
note no capitals please, wasn’t
wicked, really a tame rendering
of covetous opportunity on the
hoof; but I’m above all that

My greed isn’t an acculturated
cat in the hat after prospects
of quick enrichment – I might
be a bit thick but I don’t fit an
easily ‘envious’ category from
what I’ve seen of it

More a solitary chap with warm
smile welcoming, an honest face
you’ve seen somewhere before
and a greeting that continues a
conversation; “Gidday mate,
was your week okay?”

There’s profit in freely spoken
exchange – minds meeting on
common ground – and the way
opinions sought are responded
to with thoughtful consideration
makes it a profitable trade
© 18 April 2011, I. D. Carswell