12 September 2011

RWC 2011


cleaning house after these festivities
was more than gathering Sangiovese
and Pinot Noir empties or Cabernets
blessed with blends of Syrah, Shiraz
or rich Merlot resting gladly beside
grand expressions of Petit Verdot

but a day to celebrate more so, a
birthday maybe, coming out, or even
affirmation of friendship’s pretext for
a flamboyant bash of just delivered
Thursday regional reds – one could
say the timing was immaculate

Friday, RWC commenced – for non-
cognoscenti the only game you can
play in Heaven; ears eagerly rapt to
witty exchange, score updates and
noon Saturday’s ambience bloomed
into a relaxed, viniferous serenity

could have viewed each match live –
contentedly confined as reds flowed
conversation in brimful ease but an
irrefutable BBQ camaraderie claimed
the stage and manliness remained 
pleased simply in an outdoor sun
© 12 September 2011, I. D. Carswell