28 October 2011

Mutual ‘Puppy’ Love

2 yr old

leastways feeling conned suggests
a rare measure of value because
nothing grates worse than being
gauged a total waste of space

that she is two with beautiful blue
eyes of a skilled manipulator in
affective blackmail still pays an
upbeat brand of filial reparation

all in a day’s play for a gorgeous
lass whose lively chattiness hugs
all without exception – excepting
granddaddy intransigence

eyes say ‘so what’s bugging you
Grandpa?’ No reply mitigates mute
accusations, cutely she’s got the
number right every time

OK, so we do it your way commences
debt to anarchy, or more precisely
unconditionally ends free enterprise
begins truly mutual endeavour
© 27 July 2011, I. D. Carswell