27 October 2011



Watched ‘em all, the petulant
lower lipped hairy eyebrowed
cauliflower eared archetypes,
which shouldn’t’ve made any
difference but in a genetically
conspired conspiracy – did!

They’re Gerrymander faeces
these Politicians! Catastrophes,
the remote sentence of human
events, an illogical use of the
word Democracy in its loosest
and wobbliest sense

And yet taking themselves so
solemnly – geeze that's a rich
fare for an everyman’s plain
diet; how can they represent
us fairly when we’re literally
meat they rapaciously eat?

That there’s no prudent choice
extant actually suggests collusion –
which is as illusory as believing
these beasts are there to serve
us truly. For they do indeed –
© 29 July 2011, I. D. Carswell