25 October 2011

Only True In Fairy Tales

The fairy tale today should
end all speculation; there is
no issue of a late reprieve,
to be awake and dreaming
never had a starting place

Reality cannot equivocate
on whether mass allays a rule
that measures matter over
simple facts which state
we’re grossly overweight

So we’re fat; we’d need
to be obsequious to miss
its gravity and all the ills
entailed unless the rest
of us are equally obtuse

Isn’t only what we eat
that we abuse – energy
routinely used equates to
surplus feasts which feed
voracious appetites

Gluttony is seeded wild in
growth economies which
blight the views we’d like
to share of simple futures
only true in fairy tales
© 8 August 2011, I. D. Carswell