26 October 2011

Who I Think I Am


this morning
it was whether conscious
awareness equalled existence
a pensive insight blessed on
waking with clear views of
what seemed coherent;

by afternoon
couldn’t care less
if I was collective figments
of urbane imagination run askew;
there wasn’t much of
dawn’s clarity left

if it is or isn’t me
there’s only encapsulated
consciousness to prove
who-what I thought is real –
unless it’s perfect delusion
framed immaculately;

closed my eyes to
disappear and didn’t –
which amazed like
intervention of reality
I’d failed to imagine possible
and thus could never be

but I am here –
wherever it is;
if your imagination’s
adequate I’m the
whomever you think
you’d likely see

given the circumstances
preceding please be
charitable enough
to tell me who
I think I am
© 5 August 2011, I. D. Carswell