05 October 2011

Sleep Meditation


Superlative I deem – and hard to believe
those things which go bump in the night
are inclined to care about propriety

But not if you sleep! Indices are casually
estranged, as if this boredom only inspires
late-night slumber randomly

For sure, HDTV scheduling is a known cure
for insomnia – documented innocuously in
TV guides; so rest with it comfortably

But for me the evidence is all too clear – to
be your saviour I’ll need patience of a sage
forged in furnaces of febrile unease

Give me the peace of mind my sleep is also
worthy; ingenuous return to bed at 2:25am
is a sign of unshakeable self-reference

Then playing a sleep-meditation DVD with the
light on dramatically serves notice who views
whose decorum as the more apt

Hardly a case for arraignment I know, and I
could gain respite from a nap at midday –
which today I just might
© 27 April 2011, I. D. Carswell