04 October 2011

Grave Recalcitrant


baked bread today, it has to
be relevant, drank rum without
regret – not yet at least and
listened to Edvard Grieg’s
‘Peer Gynt’ suite

I’m aware of a synergy – I’ll
understand it in time, caught
between yesterday’s proceedings
and when I declined to
see such relevance

how can one ‘celebrate’ Easter?
In the event it is more to do
with ANZAC Day’s significance
and what it meant to be
reborn clean

if sin is original then it seems
I’m party to readership greater
than my purview of popularity’s
seasoning; huh, you say, a
late great re-evaluation

on the occasion I’d be a
grave recalcitrant who
played fiddle obsequiously
without ever reasoning
to whom he played
© 27 April 2011, I. D. Carswell