17 October 2011

We Lost. Period.

RWC semi

May big mouths of this weekend’s sports press
cease bothering readership – I’ll be honest and
admit I don’t find much in Brisbane’s Sunday
Mail (News Limited) entertaining beyond the

But this Sunday’s supposedly best pre-game
analytic appraisal of RWC semi-final between
Australia & New Zealand drew zany hysterics
and more constipated crap than proctologists
could ever deftly pry loose with a screwdriver
used adroitly – perhaps I shouldn’t list their
names ... but I probably will

Despite contemporaneous examples of fair and
unbiased reporting to lead, and even if some of
the same reduced sarcastically to witty partisan
views on origins, said dudes went out on a limb
stuck it to so-called ‘deserving’ butts of a joke.

In the event and on the day it was a game won
easily – applause – by New Zealand All Blacks.

Why, oh, because they played better than our
Wallabies’ ‘reported’ expectations. Our hopes
were thus falsely buoyed by vultures of the
common press posing as overdressed experts
claiming an irrefutable though delusory view of
Australian Rugby superiority.

Fortunately these experts are exposed as the
charlatans they really are and we can exact
a fitting revenge.

So let’s list names of the Mail’s Rugby writing
authority who predicted a ‘lay-down misere’
Wallabies’ walkover:

Mike Colman, failed dropkick, Jim Tucker, also-
ran, and an outdated Andrew Slack. Remind me
please that you only measure your expertise in
terms of the numbers of copies sold and not at
all in quality of written word. Credibility wasn’t
in it and that was too obvious to overlook; but
now go and have a hard think on what it took
to cross the line; it is recorded that you got it
wrong – badly. We lost. Period. So did you.
© 16 October 2011, I. D. Carswell

Predictions: Coleman – Wallabies by 7,
Tucker – Wallabies by 7, Slack – Wallabies by 1.

Actual score: All Blacks 20 – Wallabies 6

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