29 January 2012

Cinderella’s Quandary

blue shoe

For want of a shoe was
the dream near lost, for want
of a clean pair of heels we’ve
cost ourselves whatever
credit was amiably lodged
in an embassy of 40 years

there’s no credible excuse
less lack of diligence for
a debacle where PM &
Leader of the Opposition
were compromised through
their own intransigence

Lèse majesté one may
hypothesize, both for and
against – and win with
intent muted to a jaded
sigh of regret; what happened
to mutual deference?

The Opposition Leader sees
missed opportunity, not Cinderella’s
quandary; but would he wear
blue size eight suede shoes – a
worthy question answered,
yes, improbably
© 28 January 2012, I. D. Carswell

Prime Minister's Julia Gillard shoe returned to Parliament House

  • From: AAP
  • January 27, 20124:15PM

MEMBERS of the Aboriginal tent embassy have returned Julia Gillard's missing shoe after the prime minister lost it during her flight from a protest yesterday.

The right-foot blue suede shoe was handed to a security guard just outside the doors of the main entrance at Parliament House tonight.

The shoe was believed to have been transported to Capital Hill by car.

Ms Gillard lost the size-eight shoe when she and Opposition Leader Tony Abbott were rushed away by security personnel from a Canberra restaurant where they were surrounded by Aboriginal activists.

Comments made yesterday by Mr Abbott sparked a protest by Aboriginal activists at the restaurant near the tent embassy, which was set up outside Old Parliament House 40 years ago.

The protesters believed Mr Abbott had suggested it was time to scrap the embassy.

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Ms Gillard and the coalition leader were forced to run a gauntlet of protesters after police and security feared for their safety and advised them to leave the venue.

The shoe had been placed on eBay before it was pulled from the online auction site today.

The starting price for the shoe had been $148.