29 February 2012

Hardly Matters


Hardly matters does it, yet I find
members in opposition interpreting
other political party’s policies are sure
to display a palpable attribution of
proportionately inverse expertise
particularly on connotation therein
or on likely measures of success

Like soothsayers of impending
doom negatives swell into climactic
chimeras of imagined doubt fuelled
by abrasive double entendres
paced in stentorious tones of
delivery leaving no room for faked
accents or crazy voiced-over relief

The atmosphere is as counterfeit as
patently slagging one another needs
risibly insincere decorum to exist – who
is kidding whom one might ask and
why passionately assume it is the
only way to command attention
or seek unilateral accord

Yet everyone does! Me, writing this
clandestine tirade of muted invective,
admittedly tongue in cheek, sought to
lampoon trust – but you know me whereas
these politically esoteric beasts are
unknowable except in an unending
quest of self-seeking amorality
© 28 September 2011, I. D. Carswell