28 February 2012

Over Coffee


heard it all today over coffee
after hanging out the clothes;
you must believe implicitly in
things you need; you know its
like an antique saying lending
credibility to cultured ears,
but really – nothing’s there

and so a bloke who’s reached
retirement age unscathed, at
least thru measurements he
sought to keep discrete, had
this intriguing revelation set
in fancy concrete ‘round his
surely footloose feet

you’re a sissy doing washing
in a wussy way implying fun,
you peg the clothes a rhythm
in arthritic step to music for
misshapen hands as focussed
breath and then my god we’re
sure we heard you try to sing...!

okay, so learning is complete,
with age I do respect the way
things have to be; I think the
less I care the more depressed
I am so sanity in pegs remains
a grip on irony retained – you
guessed – as everyday reality!
© 20 September 2011, I. D. Carswell