13 February 2012

Proper Moves

proper moves

A lunch to break your heart
with gladness that could also
save a life – if you’ve a life
in mind you’d like to try to
take a chance and save!

Of course it’s mine, no need
elaborate on who or why, I
made a choice preferring I’d
survive less age foretelling
when or how my fate befell

And so my lunch today was
well endowed with vagaries
of happy times, coffee made
the proper way, an apple
sliced with splash of lime

It filled a space refined by
sandwiches and lukewarm
cups of tea which years of
vapid conversation had so
neatly nearly sublimated

Glad to say that I’m alive
again; I knew it in a glance
when I surveyed the pace at
which I’d made the proper
moves to break away ...
© 16 April 2011, I. D. Carswell