12 February 2012

Eager Eyes

eager eyes

Was I to fake the way you situate
those sleazy bits of headline news
as absolutely true I’d have to void
my claims to credibility; of course
I readily extemporise from time to
time, but not as consummate as
‘truth’ sublime you ‘forged’ exact
from fiction with panache

You improvise on trash it seems; a
luridly indulgent scene becomes an
act of desperate need, tragedy that
lacks appeal has overtones of gross
intrigue engendered ‘tween those
shockingly duplicit lines

Fiction always reads the best with
brightly coloured words expressed
as verbatim in ‘to the letter’ quotes
as grim reminders though absurdly
any tacit source alluded to is never
named and better yet the game is
played with kitschy lies disguised
as trenchant fact

Your skill in scribing leading lines
is frankly tangible, awe-inspired
enactment of our origins refined,
we’re victims of the lore behind
veneers you pare away exposing
gratis lies to always eager eyes
© 22 July 2011, I. D. Carswell