11 February 2012

Who’s Two?


So now who’s two (but nearly four),
would that be you, Miss Charlotte Lily?
There’ll be no lazy speculation, just a
refined sophistication you devise, and
for sure, with smiling eyes 

Gentleness in kind with sweet and calm
and worldly views creates an air which
illustrates a nascent charm; two years
displayed or four or even more disarms
defence against prodigious innocence

Glory ‘tis to see you grow this way! An
irony in truth contends our view is but
a gaucherie of whom and what we think
we are; knowing you as you explains we
see just who we’d really like to be
© 21 July 2011, I. D. Carswell

For granddaughter
Charlotte Lily Carswell
on her 2nd birthday
23 July 2011