03 March 2012

RWC Semi-final


the shonky deal would seem to be
just how much ‘creditability’ is in the
claim Robbie Deans’ an NZRFU plant
foisted upon Australia and deviously
manipulated by our arch foe

well, if it’s true we’ll see this Sunday
at Eden Park; not that I’d wager on
ARU being a silent partner or dupe
in a farcical charade – with due
respect, Deans’ a damn fine coach

ask any player, you don’t see any
bloke at less than his best and they
like the guy; there’s jauntiness in
their step and that’s because they
are a team to be reckoned with

but it’s a case of beating ‘ye olde
enemy’ on a field where historically
our finest efforts seemed less than
magnificent – but I am imagining
the game before it is played?

in respect for the game they’ll play
their hearts out Sunday; so who are
we to hedge bets, seek sacrificial
lambs implying only Quade Cooper or
Robbie Deans need share the blame
© 11 October 2011, I. D. Carswell

NOTE: While it doesn’t fit the script of an Australia – New Zealand final –
which would have been fabulous, there is still a serious game to be played
this weekend. With England, Ireland, Scotland and South Africa out of the
picture it is now up to Wales, France, Australia and New Zealand to entertain ...