28 April 2012

Buy Fly Spray

So you start a list of things
to do with an opening item
‘Write A To-Do List’; it’s a
moment of consequence,
stirs immediate feelings
of accomplishment and
imminent prospects
of dizzying success

Something bugs you ‘tho,
non-specific, an irritation
like an annoying fly
buzzing randomly –
but it’s not too intrusive;
you place the opening
item centrally using
capitals and bold type

On second thoughts,
increase to size 20,
underline, add highlighter:
look at that, desired impact
achieved, it’s formidable!
buzzing gradually
dwindles into awe
of rapt silence

Now who is it says you
can’t get things done
without a plethora
of avoidance strategies,
ingrained procrastination
and creative diversions –
see, there’s the proof
– with grandiose buzz

And that reminds me: 
‘Buy fly spray’
© 17 February 2012, I. D. Carswell