29 April 2012

Scented Futures

You could be forgiven for thinking something
was in the wind – political zephyrs freshened
the day after dissolution of State Parliament;
in an all too obvious sense malodours we’ve
been used to were over-powered by Versace
sweatsuits over-endowed in rank underwear
scented with soured armpits, glaring portent
of about-to-be-plumbed decadent depths

campaigns will sink to for electoral support:
were we to vote on smell alone then I guess
the most putrid pile earns greatest political
respect – though we’d have 
to learn leaning 
long way upwind making objective choices 
for more or less rose-scented futures
© 20 February 2012, I. D. Carswell

Queensland goes to the Polls 24 March 2012