10 April 2012

Doddery Notes


A slew of doddery notes today –
correcting a few misstated doodles
from recent introspective scribbling,
none too glaring, like gratuitously
misreading twelve as seventeen in
context of millions of YouTube hits
nevertheless it flies farcically close
to supposedly not caring a wit for
cues true to their origins; really it
confirms I need better glasses or
much more proof-reading

And there is the idea of Muslims in
ASIO – a new brood of super spies
recruited to religiously keep tabs on
dissidents; surely it being openly
debated suggests they’re already
in place trained to act as an old
regime’s cosmopolitan new face
the question is upon whom they
spy, and what eager information
gained changes the way we view
threats to tolerance and civility

Preposterously elections loom, and
as a rule of thumb, the less we hear
about whomever the more we’re to
fear; seems an adequate amount of
political trash has been aired to ease
those worries – though LNP mates
of mine charily express views on
leadership selection which doesn’t
placate their concerns about exactly
who will run the government if, in
fact, they’re actually elected

Been a fair amount of rain these
past weeks, like predicted change
in climatic patterns which our best
armchair sceptics scoffed over until
red-faced; water has risen a bit in a
wet that doesn’t follow rules they
say proves there’s nothing to it but
interpretive hiccups in bare data
substantiated as wrong assumption
based in the first place – well, we’ll
see how next high tide fares

And me, 67 going on 17, peeved
with authority, dreary peer group
mores and grey skies as endless as
pessimistic inevitably of forecasting
a decline in outreach of humanity;
there may be inescapable elements
suspended in a past lingering with
bleak half-truths of reality ignored
long enough to be pure artefacts –
but I don’t want to be one too
© 25 January 2012, I. D. Carswell