12 April 2012

The Ice Barely Melted

Happy National Barbeque
Day, & more pertinently,
perhaps – may there be
many benevolent returns
of the cultural cringe
which typically suggests
we’re Antipodeans

No worries, mate, it’s
Australia Day when anything
reasonable goes well with a
cold beer, even a sticky
wicket, but don’t be an
ingrate and burn the
bloody sausages, okay

Listen to iconic music by
legendary groups like
At Work, Cold Chisel, The
‘n even
– or the cricket – chew
the fat about this and that
waiting on the barbeque

Sure, there’s a mob of
rules about being proud,
civil and responsible on
Australia Day – like not
getting too pissed to drive
home, which seems to be
up at the top of th’ list

But if you’re already home
that lot scarcely matters
a toss – so rip the scab gladly
off another coldie and
contemplate what a dead
loss it’d be if eskies
hadn’t been invented

Tomorrow you can quite
truthfully say – yeah, can’t
remember how the prawns
tasted but, hooray, the ice
in the esky had barely
melted by the time the
barbie was ready anyway
© 26 January 2012, I. D. Carswell