13 April 2012

Hard Lessons


Learned the hard way again today,
don’t mess with dishwashers; best
to show respect, appreciate & learn
that there’s rather more than only
one means to get the dishes clean:

it’s a fact, disconcertingly unusual
sounds are faux indicators of fault,
warnings expressed acoustically &
pitched within masculine auditory
sensitivity are designed to spread

discord or fear – & flashing lights
still invoke bewilderment without
explaining, occasioning nothing to
engender a sense of relief, yet so
prejudicially gain attention intact

the rest easily falls into place; it’s
female in there – a breasted genie
who has you over your own barrel
of misgivings; she will not give an
inch until you say – ‘please!’
© 27 January 2012, I. D. Carswell