19 April 2012

Recovered Space


An intrusion of differences makes
casual statements where change
is a rare guest – and dissonance,
one can accept that as a fair and
honest effect, like an almost post-
traumatic consequence to come

So the new filing system will be a
fragile time in the making, not an
effect of rearrangement, more an
idea of recovered space left of its
own unacclimated habit to reach
an unspecified destination

Personality deems a long view of
influence – thus a few dimensions
will remain unchanged if subtlety
wins the race, with less need for
refurbished ideas, more cause to
place a few mementos casually

Yet interchange of who feels the
most done-by leads implicitly to
complete understanding, seen in
a new statement of our affection
making displays of where we’re
really living and actually at
© 3 February 2012, I. D. Carswell