18 April 2012

Conversations In Dog


It all began, I’d to dare say, with rousing tête-à-tête in Dog –
of late a patios so new that few
will understand implicitly

dup dup ah
wee ip
ar boop

Eyelids light with mooted dog surprise – a face which rarely
lists or registers complaint is equally as compromised;
Huh! Oh Duh, I guess you talk to me?

alum ah ha
oh lah de de

But I digress – the chance that fame awaits the one who
occupies this harebrained space embarks
aloof with each inanity

My dog attests a human heart with feelings worn abreast
his every need – now if he had a sleeve he said
he’d show me so

And dips his head as if to say, well you’re alright old mate, a
bit eccentric but it’s great that you express yourself,
if not convincingly –

So when I sing your praises loud by howling to the moon you
may oblige in sweet duet of choral harmony
without the threat

Of excommunication, banishment or death by most salacious
means; now I’d expect a friendly pat while you can
renegotiate a pact

Before I look to place this nonsense where all wiser souls
will see it graced on Facebook pages they habituate
when cruising outer space
© 2 February 2012, I. D. Carswell