17 April 2012

Solar Insurrection


Supposing those noises from the
roof suggests progress towards
autonomy, and relief from crude
electricity reseller’s intrigues of
avarice, may only express one’s
depth of consummate naïveté;

In an endless quest to get you
where seductive ideas of liberty
frame disingenuous strategies,
blasé thumps of footsteps and
high-pitched drilling sounds are
there to placate subliminal fears

You already paid hard cash for this
array - incentive rebated certainly,
but with no guarantee the benefits
only accrue to you; and they won’t
for the most unutterably obvious
and commercially simple facts

Solar panel installers are didactic
parts of a food chain you’re bottom
of - thus new arrays of 250w plates
do proclaim urbane beliefs but make
false statements about who and
what really runs things

Commercial interconnects dictated
this dream-time anarchy, you will
be compensated if the sun shines
gladly and has their metres running
backwards - that is the economic
flavour of sham magnanimity

You’ll use much of what you make -
even be independent with surpluses
on-sold at the going rate; but you’ll
still pay them a facility fee for the
privilege of generating and using
your own home-made solar energy

Then in the depths of night things
change; ghouls appear to feed when
the day dies - pre-paid kWh credits 

you gained in the light consumed by 
insatiable, incredibly intense, dark-
matter finagles 
© 1 February 2012, I. D. Carswell