04 May 2012

Blinking Rabidly

Pardon me, but your slip is showing –
cynical words addressed no doubt to
Leader of the Oppn, bless his cotton
socks, slipping an opportunity to sort
out a recalcitrant Member for Fisher
over his bloated expense account 

Duly embarrassed Tony Abbott was
atypically speechless as Peter ‘The
Sleeper’ Slipper trenchantly slid into
Federal Speaker’s chair, a peerless
move impairing a theoretical Oppn
majority in the Lower House 

Tony’s doppelganger & arch louse,
Prime Minister Julia Gillard, literally
‘put in the slipper’, euphemistically
kicking him when down ‘tho asleep
on his feet and just not discretely
paying attention properly 

He howled ‘foul’ of course and railed
discontent loudly in Parliament over
contemptuous ‘outrage’ of a fair and
reasonable principle, yet had it been
he at the helm it would have been
celebrated a classic counter coup!

So where they’re at reeks rancidly
of intrigue, political miscegeny and
intransigence – I wasn’t really naked,
he said, I simply didn’t have any
clothes on, while she, missing a
miffed chance blinked rabidly
© 24 February 2012, I. D. Carswell