05 May 2012

Intrinsic Malady


They are symptoms more acute than
reasons to presume intrinsic malady,
that something’s in a jam and brooks
unsavoury woes can’t be denied

Too much too soon without respite it
claims; dams emotions freed of right
to chose their turn of counter phrase,
a matrix can be tired of change –

But still with tireless energy we will a
view immaculate of what we want to
see, and stay aloof of others games
to keep our options frank and free

Yet niggling never fades – as fast as
feet are found and herded into line
vision implodes into meaningless
pixelations of random discontinuity

A sign of age? White-outs used to be
the scene back when you tripped out
to come in; seems the manual might
be missing that critical page
© 9 March 2012, I. D. Carswell