11 May 2012

Death Of Truth


It’s not intolerance when viewed
your way – merely facets of the
age where jurisprudence had no
rational place in holy words and
faith; belief you never based on
commonsense or let experience
dictate what seems a better bet

One voice alone in chanting text
within a tome, telling doggerel
unchanged a thousand years –
yet not the wit to see anomalies
as evidence; the World’s amove
and gathers pace in distancing a
timelessness of fabled adages

But you judged me as one who
couldn’t see the light – and yet
you know I read those tomes a
hundred times at night, studied
true to origins for clues arcane,
for ancient messages acclaim
and saw in words the parable

Achieving unity of faith as one
needs less a common voice to
raise dissent or glory in a trust
so bent to serve against those
ancient day crusades – whose
relics you now replicate to be a
death of truth you sorely bleed
© 1 March 2012, I. D. Carswell