10 May 2012

The Proper Way

Surrender is the proper way 
debate is left to those whose
risking fate condones a claim
coincidence exacerbates their
wont to play a silent part

Tho’ far too late for you to
start to contemplate a change
of stake or rearrange capacity
or make a risk of throwing dice
to buy a better way

It is a simple word to say
articulating lessened stress,
abating weighted consequence –
as though there never was
to be a better state

And yet it isn’t giving in or
giving way, more a sense of
focussed innocence where
ego’s thrust is dried to dust
and blows itself away

Of course you’re free to ride
upon enlightened whims arising
in the ambience you didn’t fake –
surrendering forsakes that
© 1 March 2012, I. D. Carswell