12 May 2012

Her Special Way


No small demand can stay
the frantic pace of obligations
prearranged, alas, in vain to
try and please this tiny maid

Initially we need a safer place
to watch ‘Bananas In Pyjamas’
reclined midst lavish cushions
stacked behind our backs

And then an urgent plea for
change of pace, a need to drive
the pink 3 wheel machine
and use its mobile phone

Motivation is a call to cousin
Aiden – Tis me, says She, I’m
driving out right now, & then
to Me, We’re going back!

Next a special tent that has to
be erected for the Lady of the
Manor House to play her proper
role demands a duty call

Proves not quite what thought –
too hot or airy or plain ordinary,
boring maybe as a woebegone
review of simple fact

Ideas to resurrect dilapidation
of an aging house for dolls to
pristine former glory earns respect
and ends the day in carolling

With pride of place restored in
being Granddad to a Lady Waiting
on no ancient favours – doing
things unique her special way
© 23 November 2011, I. D. Carswell