12 May 2012

Puppet Man

I confess I do not really know (or care)
which strand of oeuvre politics is cause
for brand-name tarnishing, but where
your view digresses from the evidence,
forming patios of innuendoes rhetoric,
it’s there I see the source

you’re mouthpiece for an etiquette you
said disports redundancy, a mundane
class of farcical and vague divergences
from solid rock declared our origins and
yet you rage we’re not; our differences
are what makes you unique

it gives you right to talk in riddles of an
arcane flair with praises ringing rich of
eras past – a language framed of noble
airs and social caste, a view where who
and what you think you are describes
in words just where you really stand

it’s there I see you now, reclining near
the seat of power with hidden friends
agendas tacitly secreted where we do
not see the hidden strands and strings
of leverage – you are a puppet man,
or am I just imagining?
© 12 October 2011, I. D. Carswell

For the Qld premier!