27 May 2012

If You And I Can Agree


Me old cobber keeps emailing me stuff, a
bit stunted emotionally he believes jokes
on our PM are developmental education
made no secret he’s anti-Labor

Never asked who I favour, never needed
I guess, my mordant comments usually
truncate discussion, digress into analyses
of the worst political personae cases

Being of a school of political belief can’t
augment anything except inability to see
reality as it is – a real ‘wood from the
trees’ dilemma

Party politics are gibberish pomposity
in farcical charades, absurd manners
faked within hidden agendas guaranteed
to reek of intrigue and duplicity

Face it Mate I say, placating his sense of
worth, beliefs aside we get what we pay
for; but there’s no real need for ‘em
if you and I can agree
© 25 October 2011, I. D. Carswell