26 May 2012

Things That Really Matter


Somewhere there’s a disconnect,
the voices I hear are anxiously
expressing concerns we’re meant
to be troubled about supposedly

This AM its same sex marriage;
heaven’s sake isn’t it obvious we’re
more apprehensive about coffee blends
than homosexual matrimony

Legislation proposes similar laws for
heterosexual unions – bully for you,
what a condescending waste of
parliamentary debate

Yet it waxes and wanes on AM radio
amidst weather, traffic reports, Queen
Elisabeth II farewell visit snippets,
gratuitous out-of-date news

Could turn off the radio I suppose,
be hauntingly entertained by a Koel’s
mating call, but I’d be estranging myself
from things that really matter
© 25 October 2011, I. D. Carswell