31 May 2012

Knowing You Are


Huh, all you need know about
depression sucks, knowing
that stuff’s the same as adding
more fuel to a fire you’re trying
to suffocate ineffectually

Hardly an appropriate analogy
sure, because there’s precious
little heat in it, more like
an icing up of engines
and steering gear

You’re rudderless, not quite
becalmed, meandering aimlessly
between little things that may
momentarily capture your
wholly divided attention

Bumping into half-formed
ideas doesn’t bruise as much
as sending the same away
without recognising messages
each may have contained

Worst part is knowing what
dissipates this energy also
leaves you lethargic, ill-at-ease
and, yes, depressed – like
you know you are
© 1 November 2011, I. D. Carswell