30 May 2012

Living With Dogs

blind dog

Cooking a week’s worth of dog
tucker rates up there with
resolute promises made to clear
the clothes-line before it rains

At best tenuous speculation;
guessing weather successfully
is as fatal as presupposing you
earned canine endorsement

These boys dutifully lick their
bowls clean but still wander off
to chew pointedly on whatever
they really desired anyway

Weeks old and vilely mouldy
means more flavour I guess or
muted suggestion best left to
hound-handler speculation

But you’d think that clearing
a clothes-line was innocuous
enough wouldn’t you – well
you’ll have to think again

It drizzled while hanging the
stuff out first place – so does
this negate any pact made?
I don’t think so

Said items are heirlooms
passed freely on to the touchy-
feely comfy night-time repose
coterie of canine eminence

Dry bedding is way in excess
of premiums paid for culinary
endeavour – no less sanity
than a curse’s cure I’d say

But if it’s wet I’ll bet they’ll
doggedly wrangle their way
inside the house tonight on
a specious technicality
© 31 October 2011, I. D. Carswell