09 May 2012

The Occasion


not getting dressed in a uniform
used to suggest you didn’t care;
no use explaining where you‘re
at – prosaic jury’s out & passing

prosaic – colourless, banal, dull,
mundane, characterless: hardly
you you’d say aggrieved but it’ll
have to do – that’s what it is for
the rest of your life

unless you move; a bizarre but
colourful group of eccentrics is
now home & their mark’s even
weirder than non-conformity –
where being diverse is an art

it doesn’t work either, unity is a
misspelled word which probably
means you didn’t think of it first
and of course therefore have to
agree to not use it

but, you protest, that’s being as
nebulous as – or more dogmatic
than conforming to chronologies
of nonsense – you’re agreeing to
© 29 February 2012, I. D. Carswell