02 May 2012

Political Cuisine


hissin’ down today – wall-to-wall
water stretches from this window
to that flayed sense of bored despair
presupposing nil prospects of a ‘fair
and relatively unbiased’ State election,
campaign already underway, abrading
stillborn fears all spectre-wretched

but this isn’t an ‘only’ hiatus bared, an
‘innocent’ subliminal connection appears
to lurk – all this is on the same day a
goat’s meat tagine gets the go; then
Oppn Leader Tony Abbott cynically
interviewed pre-empts breaking news
of a Government leadership challenge

if there hadn’t been fungus growing
on the parmesan grater it’d have been
dismissed as coincidence awaiting an
irrelevant chance of fleeting fame; ‘tho
there’s no denying something’s rotten
in the State, it’s not such that a
tagine’s scent won’t ameliorate

thus sinuous meat and disparate
flavours ease agreeable taste and
palatable savour – yet no amount of
Federally astute political stewing
on low heat will deem a candidate
like the Oppn Leader cuddly or cute 
- or hautely cuisine!
© 23 February 2012, I. D. Carswell