01 May 2012


golden g

“The Golden Girls” faked piety to
age where absence of reality’s
insinuations handsomely paid;
‘85 to ‘92 its charades played
shtick subsumed in parochial
roles they disabused on-stage

A grand coiffure abased outré
elegance assured that second
glance – parodies of vaguely
dithered penchants kitschy in
their oddity but less a context
making any mordant sense

Episodic antics posted views of
newly-minted, alien scenes a
mite oversimplified as Miami
sets, yet so extra-terrestrially
well portrayed in abetting an
exuberant plastic eccentricity

And so the shows flowed in a
conventional stream of inflated
repartee, as did Emmys – and
came an impasse of popularity
waning faster than any fame
abrading farce sustains

Yet here today you can endure
re-runs of the same dry Dorothy-
isms, mystical Sophia-istical
double-entrendres, Rose-tinted
solipsisms and bizarre sexually
Blanche-d diminuendo
© 22 February 2012, I. D. Carswell