25 June 2012

Best Dividends


Half a day shanghaied by a retributive form
of lethargy; no surprise that it manifests
uniquely after the event – now a cute new
AUSTAR box connects Pay TV enabling me
to watch live Sport while she’s got Movie
access to on hand, it sits in the Study – yep
unisex to a fault but sanctuary to my sense
of self; now I realise what it will mean
predictably, and in reality

Great ideas are based on saving ground
paced anxiously, we’ve agreed her viewing
wont clash with rugby again as it once did
thus a common-room replaces what I’d seen
as my own peace of mind for the sake of
another problem solved too unilaterally, no
wonder I’m tired with strain taking a toll on
this pace of the strange predicament’s
genesis wherein I’ll lose my identity

I know where she will choose to view without
prejudice weighed against angst – and the
lounge pays best dividends naturally
© 28 March 2012, I. D. Carswell