17 June 2012

Ghost Behind The Man

Conceiving a self-centred quest didn’t make it
any easier, there’s an awesome mass to sift
through, and regardless of reading only some
of five thousand pieces – was impressed by a
fair weight of material modishly pleasing

Couldn’t say its all quality, heaven’s sake, no
way to countenance that without inflating an
already buoyed ego – it’s ME we’re apprising,
that there’s anything duplicit enough to pass
that ludicrous litmus test is truly surprising

But its history; two made it to the study desk
from input almost selected randomly, the rest
left impressions they’re hard done by – with a
case to be examined by judge and jury before
this charade-in-obsession’s properly deflated

Yet glimpses of a thus far unseen personality
echoed bravely, slave-like & muse dedicated
but not in debt, a thinly reed-like caricature
of the poet one sees languishing respectfully
– but patient and waiting to be

Suspect it’s the mission’s intent – of carefully
reviewing expectations; tho’ nothing’s new to
discerning ghosts in poetry, less by the fact
than its revelation – especially when you get
to see who IS the ghost behind the man
© 15 March 2012, I. D. Carswell