21 June 2012

‘Lection Saturday


So I say to me mates – hey,
what’re we gunna do about th’
sorry state of th’ ‘conomy – ‘n
there’s this big, silent blank

leastway’s in keepin’ with th’
best suggestions we’ve heard
t’ date – nuthin’ mate, uttered
fluently ‘n a damp vacuum

cripes, th’ ‘conomy’s not what
y’ need get yer knickers in a
twist about mate – its th’ cost
of tickets t’ th’ bloody game

n’ here’s me thinkin’, crikey –
th’ game’s done ‘n dusted by
a technicality – yeah, I know,
it means ‘bloody rip-off’

n’ if you blokes‘re thinkin’ th’
‘conomy’s got bugger-all t’ do
with anything but th’ price of
a beer – y’ better think again

th’ game’s buggered more or
less th’ same’s th’ ‘conomy’s
pushed up th’ price of a beer
so’s we’re needin’ ‘n ‘lection

n’ geeze, it’s a sad state t’ be
in when we’re told we’ve one
last chance to change it all
for the better on Saturday
© 22 March 2012, I. D. Carswell